AdWeek and LBBO getting snippy...

December 21, 2023
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Nooo, no....AdWeek and LBBO isn't gettin nasty; but they did write about this years vasectomy-referencing holiday card from award winning agency Terri & Sandy. It features a new spin on a holiday classic with some hilariously unexpected lyrics all with a very powerful message.

Agency founder Sandy Greenberg had this to say about the meaning behind the project, "At Terri & Sandy, we view the right to choose as a critical aspect of women’s freedom and empowerment. It’s not just a personal matter; it reflects how society values and respects women. The loss of this fundamental right is a worrying sign for gender equality overall. In this spirit, this year’s holiday message provides a unique take on the topic. It’s dedicated to the men of the world, who collectively exert a profound impact on our reproductive rights. We hope you’ll watch our video and agree that a women-owned agency telling men what to do with their bodies is just as preposterous as a male-dominated Supreme Court curtailing a woman’s right to choose."

Check it out here and here.